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All 10% discounts we offer are capped at $100 and cannot be combined with any other offer. Customer must present coupon or the photo to the technician to redeem it.


Military Discounts

10% discounts – There is perhaps, no greater sacrifice or gift than that of our service men and women. The United States Military represents us overseas and keeps us safe at home. When danger or tragedy strikes, our brave men and women go forward, focused on protecting us and making the world a better place.

The Virginia Beach area is close to many military installations. The Army, the Navy and many other branches have called our region home for many years. Many of our veterans also settle down in the area. Our military men and women have become a large part of the local community.

Nipper Electric knows you. You are our friends and family, our neighbors and our heroes. We have watched you sacrifice weeks and months and years away from your family. We know that you spend large amounts of time far away from your home.  We know you can’t always oversee repairs and budgets can be tight.

Nipper Electric is honored to offer a 10% discount to all Military men and women. We want to keep your home safe and running, while you keep our nation safe. The country you have served so well is looking to give back to you.


Police Discounts

10% discounts – All of our regular routines rely on the continual support and availability of our police officers. They direct traffic, answer calls for help, patrol areas to keep our homes and city safe and often put themselves in danger. You spend many late nights and early mornings away from your families and loved ones. You go to places most of us would avoid. And all of it is done for us and our community. Without your continued protection, generosity and aid, our region would collapse into chaos.

Many of our police men and women don’t earn high salaries or get much recognition for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us.  Yet they do it anyway, always going out to help those around them. We know that your families and loved ones need safe and reliable electrical work. We also know that your budgets are tight and your schedules are even tighter. We want to thank you for all you do for all of us.

Nipper Electric is proud to offer a 10% to all Police officers.  Our service is reliable, dependable and trusted in the community.


Fireman Discounts

10% discounts – On cold wintery nights or in the middle of summer, our local fire departments are always ready for whatever might come their way.  These brave men and women constantly put the safety and health of others before themselves. Danger is probability, not a possibility for the average fireman, but they enter anyway. If you are frightened, you don’t show it, no matter how difficult the situation or how big the risk.

We know that firemen have families and loved ones of their own. They put their lives and the happiness of their loved ones on the line for us every day. Arriving at traffic accidents, helping the community and of course fighting raging fires, firemen go where many of us could not go. Our gratitude is not enough to thank you for all you do. Nipper Electric is privileged to offer all Firemen and women a 10% discount on our reliable service. We know that your homes and families need and deserve the same protection you give to our community on a daily basis. Nipper Electric wants to provide that protection through reliable electrical work at a reasonable price.


Teachers Discounts

10% discounts – Every business that was ever launched, every scientific discovery, every career and opportunity have all been made possible because a teacher somewhere taught a student. Our teachers give students the knowledge and inspiration to change the world. There is not a single person in the Virginia Beach area that has not been affected by a teacher.

Nipper Electric knows a teacher’s job is never finished. You come in early, stay after late, work evenings and weekends. You take extra time with each child to turn on a light in their imaginations. Your hard work is often unseen. Many of you don’t make a large salary but you still spend your own money for supplies and necessities for the children under your care. You protect and nurture our children each and every day in your classrooms.

Nipper Electric is grateful for the time and attention you give to the children in our community. We want to help you stretch your salary further by giving you reliable service that will keep your home running and your family safe. We are pleased to offer all Teachers a 10% discount as a small thank you for your service in our area.


Senior Discounts

10% discounts – To Nipper Electric, senior citizens are the most valuable asset in our region. You have built our homes, schools, businesses and helped to create the community we live in. Your hard work helped create endless opportunities for those who follow in your footsteps.

Nipper Electric also knows that many of our senior citizens live on tight budgets from retirement or social security funds. Some of you are still working daily and others do part time work to cover your costs. We know that you have to make every dollar count. We are sure that you’d rather be out enjoying your retirement or days off, instead of staying home worrying over budgets.

Nipper Electric feels your hard work should not go unnoticed. We want those budgets to have enough left over to go out and enjoy the incredible progress you created for future generations. We want to offer you not only the best service available in the Virginia Beach area, but also clear cut pricing. For these reasons and many more, Nipper Electric is pleased to offer a 10% discount to all senior citizens.


Friend Discounts

Get $25 When referring a friend.