Ceiling Fan Installations

Lowest Price Fan Installations in Virginia Beach

Whether you’re enjoying a nice breeze on your porch or warming up next to a fire, adding a ceiling fan to your home brings so many advantages. Nipper Electric can get you started reaping the many benefits of indoor or outdoor ceiling fan installation.

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fans come with several advantages for inside your home. Using ceiling fans circulates air throughout your home during winter or summer. Air circulation results in a ton of benefits to your home, including:

  • Helps cool home during summer by pushing air down.
  • Air circulation prevents dust and mold.
  • Switching blade direction helps warm your home during winter.
  • Lower electric bills all year round.
  • Focuses air control in rooms that are difficult to keep warm or cold.



Outdoor ceiling fan installation has all the benefits of indoor ceiling fans plus some extras.

With outdoor ceiling fans, your home expands to new areas. The porch that was once too hot or grimy to enjoy is now a favorite spot to relax. Besides adding comfortable breezes or warming up cool mornings, outdoor ceiling fans also deter bugs. The draft created by ceiling fans makes it difficult for bugs to fly or spiders to build their webs. A bug-free, peaceful place to watch the sun rise or set is a bonus for any home.

Outdoor fans do require special equipment. Be certain the fan you install is for outdoor use. Blades, fixtures, and even hardware must be able to withstand exposure to rain, sun, and differing temperatures. Placing an indoor ceiling fan outside will lead to rusted or faulty parts and a very short lifespan for your favorite cozy spot.

Attic fans are another option. Attic fan installation can also keep mold and dust away. Your belongings can be kept climate-controlled in your attic. Adding an attic fan could also turn unused space into something special like a man cave or reading room.

Ceiling Fan Options

Besides indoor and outdoor ceiling fans, there are many different options for your ceiling fan. Availabilities include:

  • Ceiling fans with lights
  • Energy star rated energy efficient ceiling fans
  • Remote control ceiling fans
  • Ceiling fans with remote control light dimmers
  • Ceiling fans without lights
  • Ceiling fan blades come in various materials like wood or bamboo.

Nipper Electric has rave reviews for our work, including ceiling fan installation service.

Complicated Ceiling Fan Mounting

Installing a ceiling fan involves a lot of work and requires a lot of knowledge. Here are some things you need to consider before you begin picking out the perfect ceiling fan.

  • Twenty foot plus ceiling installations (Foyers, Great Rooms) -> we do not use scaffolding and have a special order ladders for such situations.
  • Size/Weight – Most ceiling fans weigh at least 40 pounds. The beams that will hold the ceiling fan must be strong enough to carry the new weight from the fan and motor.
  • Electrical Load – Even when replacing an old ceiling fan with a newer model, calculating electrical load is important. Overheating can happen when new fans need more energy than the wiring can supply. Worn and overheated wires can cause fires without warning.
  • Wiring –A fan installation blue wire could be the hot wire for connecting your fan to circuitry while a fan installation red wire often connects lights. Wiring becomes difficult quickly. Plus if you add features, like remote control or dimmers, more wires will be involved. Running new wires to other areas might even be involved. Besides, electrocuting yourself is always a risk.

Improper installation could lead to electrocution, fire, re-wiring and structural damage. Your safest bet is to use a trusted Virginia Beach electrician, like our team at Nipper Electric. Ceiling fan cost doesn’t have to be outrageous. When you use us, you are paying for work that will last.

Nipper Electric is always working to deliver reliable electrical work at realistic prices. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or schedule an appointment online. The sky is the limit with ceiling fan installations.