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Cheapest Installations In Virginia Beach

pier wavesWe’ve all been there, bad weather, cut main line. Your food in the fridge is spoiling, your computer is fried. A whole lot of money is just slipping away as you wait in darkness. This is especially true when you live in one of the top five cities vulnerable to hurricanes, like Virginia Beach. So what’s the best way to be prepared? Call Nipper Electric to install a reliable generator.

Choosing a generator can be a complicated chore. Each generator installation has different options from the power level to fuel type. You also have to consider the complex process of grounding and installing your generator. This is definitely not something you want to DIY on a weekend. It can be difficult and dangerous. Only a trusted and skilled electrician can help you manage difficult questions and requirements like:

  • Where is the safest place for a generator?
  • How do we cool the generator?
  • What NEC and NFPA codes are required?
  • What noise reduction tools are available?
  • How do we manage the vibration so wires or gas tubes aren’t affected?
  • How do we protect from Fire Hazards?
  • How can we protect from carbon monoxide poisoning?
  • How do we avoid back feed dangers?

Do you know what 3300 cfm of air means and how it affects your home and safety? Probably not, buy you can bet that Nipper Electric does. They will use their knowledge to keep you safe and help you choose the right generator for your needs.

Types of Generator Installations

There are a few different types of generators with many different power levels and options. Finding the right one to suit your needs can be difficult, so here’s a run-down of some of them.

  • Portable Generators – These are for remote use like camping, tail-gaiting or construction sites. Small appliances plug directly into the generator. You CANNOT attach this straight into your electrical panel. It would be disastrous. Portable generators are not meant for heavy loads of electricity or for long periods of use.
  • Fixed Generators – Fixed generators are permanent generators that directly hook up to your home electrical panel. When the power goes out, fixed generators keep you comfortable, protect your devices and keep that food from spoiling. These generators run on gas or electric.
  • Gas Generators – Natural Gas Generator installations work with gas powered homes. Fitting and installing a gas generator is very complicated. Experts like NIPPER ELECTRIC will know not to bend flexible lines past 10 degrees for your fuel line. Their expert knowledge will keep you safe and keep your home comfortable.
  • Electric Generators work by passing a wire through magnets which create an electric vibration.


Electrical generators can also be tricky to install and come with their own dangers. Electrical generators need to be properly grounded on a secure foundation. They need to be placed away from water with plenty ventilation.

Additional Options

To pick the right generator, you need to know your amp usage. Figuring out how many amps your air conditioner or cell phone charger uses is confusing. Nipper Electric uses an amp meter to accurately measure the load being used for the equipment needed during emergencies. You should choose a generator with 25% more power than you use. The extra power will carry the inductive loads used by appliances with motors, like air-conditioning and refrigerators.

You can also choose to use a transfer switch. Transfer switches detect power outages then switch currents to generators automatically. This saves you a trip outside in the dangerous weather. However, transfer switches are more expensive, so some people choose to install a sub-panel.

Sub-panels work to take over or support the electric load used in the home. This option has some drawbacks too. The generator has to be turned on manually. Also, the different switches can lead to back-feed.

Back-feed is a dangerous live current that is caused by electricity backing up into dead wires. This current could harm you, your family or linemen working on power-lines. Professional electricians, like ours at Nipper Electric in Virginia Beach help prevent hazards.

Commercial Generator Use

Generac Installation - Nipper Electric Inc

Businesses use permanent generators to protect and support their data and lower overhead costs. Nipper Electric commercially installs generators to protect networks and computers. We keep your business running, even in emergencies. Your work will be safe and your customers will be at ease. Besides protecting data and work from outages, generators can also lower bills.

Companies can install permanent generators as a regular source of secondary energy. A generator can carry some loads to lower utility use. Generator sub usage creates a great return.  Money can be re-directed to other costs or into the pockets of owners and employees.

Generac Installation - NipperElectric

Top Notch Generator Dealer

Nipper Electric uses the best in generator equipment.  We are an authorized dealer of Generac generators, as well as Briggs & Stratton Home Generator Systems. And of course, we are dealers of the trusted GE Generator Systems. At Nipper Electric, we give you quality you can rely on and names you can trust.

Generac, Briggs & Stratton and GE Generator dealer photo