LED Light Conversion

Professional LED Conversions in Norfolk, Virginia

For anyone looking to save money or cut costs, LED Light Conversions could be the answer. Nipper Electric offers professional LED Light Conversions for your home or business. LED lighting has grown in popularity, convenience, and variety with a wide range of color and brightness styles to choose from.

What is an LED Conversion?

led lightMost LED bulbs and devices can easily fit into existing sockets, circuits or fixtures. When the socket or plug you have can’t hold LED devices or bulbs you will need an LED conversion before you switch to LED.  LED conversions are often used in older wiring or housing that isn’t able to connect to LED lighting. This is especially true with fluorescent lighting.

Switching from fluorescent lights to LED lighting often involves a conversion of your lighting fixtures. This is common in office and commercial spaces. The housing is often saved while the inner components are removed and replaced with LED components. This means that you can often stay with the same style you have loved and simply add new money -saving components.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED is short for the Light Emitting Diodes which make up the mechanism that creates light in LED bulbs. LED lighting is the most energy efficient, cost effective lighting with a wide variety of options.

Here are a few of the many benefits of LED lighting:

  • led light benefit tableEarth Friendly-Use less energy and have no emissions to worry about.
  • Recyclable– No mercury like those fluorescent lights means LEDs are 100% recyclable.
  • Sturdy– Built to last and last and last. These components are less likely to break and are able to withstand different elements.  
  • Energy Efficient– Unlike incandescent lights, LED lighting produces light and not excess heat with its energy. They are 80% to 90% efficient as compared to incandescent bulbs 10%  to 20% efficiency.
  • Endless Options– LEDs come in many different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and brightness options.
  • Temperature Resistant– LEDs work great in heat and cold so they are great for indoors and outdoors.
  • Quick Lights– These energy efficient lights come on quick and stay bright. You don’t have to wait for the light to warm up.
  • Long Lasting– LEDs last as long as up to 11 years when used constantly and up to 22 years at a 50% use.

Whichever benefit you choose, you can’t go wrong with LED light conversions. They will last your home a lifetime and save money every day.

Leading LED Light Conversions By Professionals You Trust!

Nipper Electric has worked with lighting upgrades in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach Area for over 18 years. Our experience and licensed professionals provide you with the best electrical services. Some of the ways we deliver the best services include:

  • Membership in NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association)
  • State Licenses in Electrical, Master Electrician, and Class B Contractor
  • Over 18 years of Experience in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach Area
  • Warranties on Labor
  • Free Estimates
  • Discounts available for Teachers, Military, Senior Citizens and Police Personnel
  • Clear Cut Pricing

When you call Nipper Electric you can be certain you are getting the best electrical services in Norfolk and Virginia Beach has to offer at a fair price. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get your LED conversion started today. Or you can make an appointment online. We’ll have you saving money in no time.