Receptacle Installation

Receptacle Services in Virginia Beach

Receptacles can get worn out or damaged over time. Loosened connections, sparks, shocks and even electrocutions are just a few dangers that happen when receptacles wear out. A damaged receptacle is too dangerous to be left exposed.

Nipper Electric knows how to wire up a receptacle that has been damaged or install new wall socket wiring. Our clients enjoy our fast, courteous and safety conscious work, you will too. We can help you with:

  • Receptacle installation height.
  • Electrical receptacle installation placement.
  • Wiring a plug outlet.
  • Receptacle installation code.
  • Testing receptacles for damaged wiring or loosened contacts.

USB Receptacle Installations

Devices are everywhere. Cellphones, iPads, and even tablets can be charged through USB cords. It’s no surprise that USB receptacles are in big demand as well. A USB receptacle combines electrical outlets with USB charging areas. This simple fix will add a lot more space and convenience to your hectic life. You will no longer have to unplug items to plug in your device. With a USB receptacle installation, you can safely charge your device without having to sacrifice the extra outlet. Nipper Electric are experts at USB receptacle installation. We can get you organized and ready in no time. 

USB receptacle installation - Nipperelectric

How to Wire Up a Receptacle

Danger is involved any time you work with electricity. Even receptacle installation instructions can be dangerous and confusing. When you begin to consider replacing or installing receptacles there are many questions you might ask yourself:

Receptacle wiring - NipperElectric

  • How do I wire a receptacle?
  • Should I wire a receptacle installation ground up or down?
  • How to install an outlet plug using existing wiring?
  • How do I wire a plug receptacle in a new spot?
  • How do you wire an outlet without existing wiring?
  • How to wire an electrical outlet near water?

Besides all these questions, you will need to know receptacle installation code for your area. Different states call for different codes.

Another confusing aspect is understanding outlet wiring color codes that come with installations. Different wires are color coded to mean different things.

  • Black wires are hot wires, meaning they are live and carry currents.
  • White wires are neutral wires and connect to silver screws.
  • Green wires are ground wires that connect to a ground screw.
  • Red wires are also usually hot wires if they are present at all.

Wiring DIY is dangerous and difficult, but there are some tools to help.

Receptacle Installation Tools

A receptacle installation tool can help you install wiring more safely. These tools are made of plugs that go into the receptacle. Sensors in the tool react to electricity. When an outlet is hot, the sensors trigger an orange light. The best bet is to plug in the tool, then turn the power off. When you return the sensor lights should be off and you know it is safe to work. However, DIY installation tools have their drawbacks.

Stick With the Professionals

GFCI-replacement - NipperElectricReceptacle installation tools cannot detect loosened connections, spot faulty wiring or see other wiring problems. Professional electricians are able to safely complete receptacle installations and prevent further problems. DIY tools can’t compete with in-depth knowledge and skill. Having a safe home is the most important part of any electrical work.

Safety is important above all else, so having an electrician or inspector available is really helpful when working with any electrical wiring. A trusted and licensed electrician, like our team at Nipper Electric can guide you through any issues and deliver safe and dependable results. If you have any exposed, cracked or worn receptacles, call us at 757-842-1710. We can get rid of damaged receptacles and keep your home running safely. You can also go online any time of day or night to schedule an appointment. Let us keep your home running and your family safe.