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Residential Solar Installation Virginia Beach

When you install highly-efficient, reliable solar panels on your home in Virginia Beach, you can rest at ease, knowing you are doing what is best for the environment and your bank account. Not only are solar panels a green energy source that will cut down on your consumption of fossil fuels, but they will also save you money.

How Do Residential Solar Panels Work?

Just as the name suggests, solar panels gather energy produced by the sun, making it into electricity that you can use in your home. The process begins with the installation of solar panels on your roof. After you have the panels operating, they take the sunlight they receive and transform it into direct current (DC) electricity. At this point, the electricity moves into an inverter, a part of the system that changes the DC into alternating current (AC). This is the type of electricity your home uses to operate its lights, electric heat, and appliances. The best part is that the system works in tandem with your traditional energy supply. If your panels produce more electricity than you use, that electricity gets put back into the electric grid, and you receive credit for it on your electricity bill.

How Do Solar Panels Save Money?

Whether you generate enough electricity through your solar panels to get a credit on your energy bills depends on the amount of electricity you use and your solar energy system’s size. Even if you do not produce that much electricity, you will see a reduction in your monthly energy bills since you will create at least part of your electricity right at home. But that’s not the only way you can save. When you add solar panels to your home, you also qualify for federal tax credits. Homeowners are allowed to claim 26% of their solar panel installation cost as a tax credit.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

In addition to the energy savings you will see by installing solar panels, there are a few ways modern solar panels have improved over the options that were available in the past. Some of these advances include:

  • Some solar panels in the past were very noticeable and marred the appearance of homes. Today’s options offer a sleek, low-profile design that doesn’t take away from your home’s character. They are also more efficient, which means you can produce more electricity with fewer panels.
  • Today’s solar panels are superior to those of the past in their construction and technology, and they stand up to harsh weather elements while producing a high level of electricity.
  • Return on Investment. One of the major attributes of residential solar panels is that they add to your property value if you decide to sell your home. Add that to the fact that they will pay for themselves in energy savings over the years, and you just can’t lose.

How Can You Take Advantage of Solar Energy?

If you are interested in learning more about how you can save money and power in your Virginia Beach home by installing solar panels, reach out to the professional electricians at Nipper Electric today. When you contact us, we will answer your questions, set up an appointment to come to your home, and give you a free estimate of solar panel installation.

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