Under Cabinet Lighting

We Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake, Viriginia

For many kitchens, lighting can be tricky to design. You want to provide proper lighting to help with food preparation but also create a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. Under Cabinet Lighting can create safe lighting and comfortable beauty in your kitchen. Nipper Electric provides the Virginia Beach area with trusted electrical services, including:

There have recently been an increase of articles providing top tips to improve your home’s value. Updating and adding kitchen lighting is one of the most common tips across all, where homeowners will boost value of their home without braking the bank.

The Norfolk and Virginia Beach area is our home too. We work, play and live here. It is a joy and privilege making each home and office we serve, more electrically efficient, safer and comfortable.

What is Under Cabinet Lighting?

under-cabinet-lightingJust like it sounds, under cabinet lighting installations are lights that have been placed under cabinets. These lights create a focused lighting option over counter spaces and workspaces.

Under cabinet lighting should be as slim and low profile as possible. You’ll still want plenty of room to complete kitchen tasks. You’ll also want lights that are focused but not too bright. There are many different options to choose from to get just the right lighting for your kitchen or workspace.

  • LED– LED under cabinet lights come in multiple options. They can be easily installed light strips, plugins or wired lighting, with our without dimming. Strips are easier to install and use batteries but don’t last as long as your plugins or wired lighting. LED wired installations cost more money in the beginning but save more money as you use them. LED’s are being most popular in recent years due to lower energy consumption and low heat output. Most common are:

    • LED rope or tape
    • LED recessed trims
    • LED under cabinet lights

  • under-cabinet-lightingHalogen– Halogen lights come in many different sizes and varieties for under cabinet lighting. Most often, they are puck containers wired into the cabinetry. Halogen lights create softer pools of warm lighting, making them perfect for layering in any room. Depending on your task, you may feel that they are not bright enough. However, halogen lights last longer and cost less after initial installation costs.
  • Flourescents-Traditionally popular, fluorescent under cabinet lighting can be more difficult to change due to unusual light bulb or tube sizes. They are also less energy efficient than Halogen or LED lights. The light that is given off is also less attractive than either Halogen or LED lighting. These light were very popular a decade ago, but recently fluorescents are being replaced with all recessed LED or Halogen cans.

Each of these options can be used with dimmers to make them more flexible for lighting needs. They can also be layered to create the perfect kitchen lighting design.

In Cabinet Lighting

While you’re thinking of under cabinet lighting, it’s important to consider the option of in-cabinet lighting. These lights are placed sleekly inside cabinets. They can be used in glass cabinets to showcase favorite items or even in pantry cabinets and under sinks to provide better lighting for hard to see areas. Pucks or light strips are usually used for in-cabinet lighting and display lighting. In cabinet lighting is great for kitchen cabinets, pantries, studies, offices or any place you store a lot of items.

bright-kitchen-lots-of-lightProfessional Virginia Beach Kitchen Lighting

Whatever option you choose, under cabinet lighting can save you money and add value to your home. Nipper Electric is ready to help you with your under cabinet lighting installations. Let us make your home safe and functional. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get your under cabinets lighting done right. Or you can make an appointment online. We will help you find the perfect lighting design for your kitchen.