Vehicle Charging Stations

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No longer a dream of the future, electric vehicles, or EVs, are here to stay. If you were smart enough to purchase one of these money saving earth friendly cars, then you know the importance of a charging station.

Nipper Electric has worked with green solutions like Convert Solar for years. We handle electric car charging station installations as well as many other green energy services. Serving the environment and staying current with new technology are important foundations to our team principles. When you need something done green and done right, come to us.

 Electric Car Charging Stations

electric vehicle charging station

The reliability and practicality of EVs have grown quickly just in the past few years. These vehicles can stay charged for the average daily commute of 40 miles. Plus EVs are easy on your budget. Charging your electric vehicle is the main issue.

Electric charging stations come in two accessible forms; the level one or 120-volt charging station or the level two or 240-volt charging station. Each of these methods has advantages.

Level 1 vs Level 2 Charging Stations

Level 1 is the term for using a regular 120 volt outlet for charging your EV.  Charging in regular outlets is convenient for the most part, but takes a long time. Charging time for a full battery is 22 hours. A level one EV charging station will charge a little over 4 miles of charge per hour. Having a completely depleted charge is rare, but the wait for a full charge is inconvenient. Even though you can use public charging stations while you run errands or charge your electric car while you sleep, the wait is just too much for some people.

Many people find installing a level 2 charging station at home is more convenient. The charging process is sped up a bit with reasonable costs. In a level 2 electric car EV recharge station, the voltage is doubled to 240-volts. The 240-volt charge is equal to your stove or clothes dryer power usage. Nipper Electric is able to help with residential or commercial charging station installations, as well as other services.

Another bonus for level 2 charging stations is the adjustable power usage. You can change the charging power for overnight charges or turn up  the charging all the way to 70 miles of energy per hour. The versatility and speed of level 2 car charging stations convince a lot of people to install them in homes or office buildings.

EV Charging Station Cost

When people purchase an EV, many dealers suggest buyers install car charging stations. Some buyers consider installation of an electric car charging station cost to be part of the car price. At an average of $2000 for installation, installation costs can seem expensive. If this seems too much, there are still several ways to cut installation costs for EV charge Stations.

  • Federal Grant Money – In an attempt to grow electric car sales, federal grants have been given for the installation costs of charging stations. Be careful though, most grants only go up to 26 miles per hour of charge, so level 2 stations aren’t covered.
  • Federal Tax Credits – These tax credits of up to 30% are given for installation of a Level 2 charging station.
  • Utility Cuts – Some state utility companies will give lower rates to people charging EVs overnight.

Even without these incentives, the EV charging station costs are quickly recovered through lower running costs.

Nipper Electric takes pride in their work creating environmentally friendly solutions. We are able to quickly install your EV charging station at home or at work. EV charging stations are convenient, efficient and don’t take up much space. Call us today at 757-842-1710  to get started saving money, time and your planet.  Better yet, schedule an appointment online.