New Gadgets Need New Homes

Virginia Beach Electrician Can Expand Your Home’s Capabilities The New Year often brings new gadgets and technology. Many of us find our homes aren’t ready for all those new toys. Nipper Electric can bring your home up to speed with one of our many professional services: [checklist] Receptacle Installations USB Port Installations Panel Upgrades Wiring… Read more »

Get Ready for TVS!

Winter is the Perfect Time for New TVs Are you read for some TV?! Winter is a season of intense television viewing. Major televised events like awards shows, winter premieres or finales, and the Super Bowl draw in large crowds. Plus, people like to stay home and bundle up in front of a good show…. Read more »

Turn Up the Heat While Turning Down the Costs

Ways to Keep Warm with Low Energy Use We all know winter electric cost can get expensive. You can cut back on those costs with some little changes. Nipper Electric wants to help you cut back on those costs with some energy saving strategies. From lighting choices to heating, these tips can lower your winter energy… Read more »

Green Technology Just Keeps Growing

Trusted Virginia Beach Electricians Love New Technology One of the fun things about each New Year is seeing all the new gadgets and gizmos. As we go about our lives, designers and dreamers are finding new and exciting ways to go green. Nipper Electric is committed to continuing their commitment to green technology.  These may… Read more »

Be Winter Ready

Professional Electricians Get Your Home Winter Ready Virginia Beach winters can be harsh. Winters regularly dip into the 30s and below. Snow and Ice can cause power outages during these cold temperatures. Being prepared for this weather is vital to the health and safety for your family and business. Nipper Electric can help you stay warm… Read more »